CNA Skills Training Videos Improve Your Skills in Being a Nursing Assistant

Published: 16th September 2011
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If you are aspiring to be CNA or a Certified Nursing Assistant, then you need to undergo a training which will hone your skills in terms of offering care and comfort to patients. Because nursing is all about caring and promoting health, being a nursing assistant requires basic skills which will see to it that the needs of patients are properly met and satisfied.

Why is there an increasing number of people who wish to be CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants?

The medical field is one aspect of the total population which is stable and consistent. More and more people are in need of medical help and advice. Despite the number of aspiring individuals who resort to the medical profession, there is still a shortage of the medical team in terms of meeting the increasing number of patients who get hospitalized every day.

Being a CNA is one of the easiest and fastest ways to become a member of the medical team. This profession offers the shortest ticket for employment. Because of the shortage in the medical profession, there will always be vacancies for those who wish to work as a nursing assistant. Aside from this, there is always the fact that the training offered to those who wish to become nursing assistants only take three to six weeks, a short time for a long-term employment.

What are the different ways to learn the skills of a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Visual aids are one of the most effective ways to learn. There are different CNA skills training videos which can serve as sources for information and skills to be developed even on the web. A variety of different sites offer free classes and skills for interested aspiring nursing assistants.

Different procedures which can be learned from videos include:

Taking baseline vital signs

Bed making

Morning and evening care

Oral care

Hair care

Proper transfer of patients

Assisting in bathing, eating and toileting

Proper hand washing

Proving skin care

Application of anti-embolic stockings

Proper topical drug administration

Assisting in the movement of patients around the facility

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

Heimlich maneuver

Different online sites offer CNA skills videos especially for those who wish to learn the training out of the comfort of their homes. These basic skills are usually taught in a step-by step manner which caters informative learning especially to those who wish to further harness their skills in being a nursing assistant.

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